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If you are in real need try this password database which has been collected through network-based database scraping on social and email accounts. The password and username will be 100% accurate (we mean it) as it is being directly copied from the account log file. Please Note: Our database does not include any financial records. The scraped social account data is primarily being used for behavioural targeting for various online media campaigns.

What is a Password Log File?

The log file is a temporary file which is being created as part of an account login session on the network(Ex: Logging in to a Facebook Account). The log file is where the username and password entered by the actual user will get stored for a comparison with the real account access credentials on the database.

Are you in look for a password? Try with our database Now OR We can get it.

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Didn't find the password you need? We can still get it for you.

All you need is to copy and paste the facebook account URL, email id or the user id of the account through the field provided on this website. A search will look for matching login sessions to find the password log file on the database. If the search did not find any matching records, we recommend you to send a request along with the account URL. We will send the password on to your email id. Please make sure to provide us with your correct email id.